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Step #3 On How to Get Started With Your Online Jobs Career (Defining Your Goals)

On today's post, we'll talk about how to set realistic goals for yourself with the career you're planning to pursue. You may have seen these types of exercises for a number of times and probably, you have already set a goal for yourself. But for the benefit of those who haven't set any goals yet, or made up their mind on something they want to achieve from their online jobs career aside from earning, allow me to discuss this topic as you might pickup a thing or two from this discussion.

Step #2 of How to Get Started with your Online Jobs Career (Assessing your Available Resources)

We are now in step #2 of our "How To Get Started With Your Online Jobs Career" series and today, we will talk more about the resources you will need to have to get started.

Determining what you need in your online jobs career is primarily based on what services you plan to offer. But basically, there are 3 general classifications of resources that you must have.

1) Internet Connection

Step #1 on How to Get Started With Your Online Jobs Career (Conducting An Online Job Skills Inventory)

Today, I'll be discussing further details about STEP #1 of how to get started with your online jobs career – that is, "doing an online job skills and resources inventory".

Just like any endeavor, whether you are to build a house, go on vacation, to cook a delicious meal or plan your career, you will need to determine the resources you will need and the skills that you already have so that you can effectively decide which path you should take. Same goes with starting with your online jobs career. You will need to undergo skills and resources assessment.

How To Get Started With Your Online Jobs Career

In my previous blog posts, I gave you an introduction about online jobs, how it works, where to find clients, etc. Many of you might still be asking, how do I start? For the benefit of those who simply need a much more detailed guidance on how to get started doing online jobs as a Virtual Assistant, I am creating this blog post series on "How To Get Started With Your Online Jobs Career".

Here's a list of some of the topics that we will be discussing:

1. Setting up yourself the right way by doing an inventory of your skills and resources

[Business Owners] How Online Filipino Professionals and Virtual Assistants Can Help Your Business

Most businesses that are engaged in Online Marketing have recognized 3 significant elements for success: More Traffic, More Sales & More Exposure.

To achieve these, you will need the help of people who are knowledgeable in doing various tasks related to the goals you have set and someone that would fit in your budget.

Unfortunately, hiring someone for your company can be complicated and might not fit your current financial projections and budget because you will then need to provide all the benefits and requirements the law mandates you to provide to your employees. For that reason, many simply dropped the idea of doing online marketing for their businesses. Do not fret, a new breed of OFW (Online Filipino Workers) is rising.

[Business Owners] How Can Businesses in the Philippines Benefit From the Booming Online Jobs Industry?

I am sure many of you have heard about people making money online by selling or providing services (freelancing online jobs). These past years, this industry have grown significantly and many Filipinos are now working from home doing online jobs for clients abroad. Now you may ask me, "What does this have to do with our business here in the Philippines?". Let me explain to you now.

The Baptism of A New Digital Influencer at the Digital Influencer Marketing Summit in Rizal

In life, we do encounter a moment when you'll feel that you're into something good and you know that you've crossed to a new stage in your career and life. That's what I've experienced when I attended the recently concluded "Digital Influencer Marketing Summit" held in Thunderbird Resort in Rizal last Feb 2, 2013. Allow me to share with you why I felt that way and what happened in the event.

Being part of the event is more of a Divine Providence… more of like a baptism with God Parents in the persons of the event organizer and the speakers.

Why Attending the “4th E-Commerce Summit 2013″ by is Good for Your Business

What comes into your mind when you hear the word "E-Commerce"? I am sure many of you would say "Business", "Internet" or even the word "Complicated". Let me tell you, you are correct.  It's all about your "Business", how it can evolve and integrate the "Internet" as a new market segment and most of all, it's indeed "Complicated".

Where Can You Find Online Jobs and Virtual Assistant Vacancies?

Yesterday, I wrote about the 2 classifications of online jobs and promised that I will share with you places where you can find current listings of online jobs. Before I proceed, I would just like to state a short disclaimer :)

You will now have access to these online job listing sites and you can definitely look for clients from any of them. However, don't keep your hopes that high yet for there are certain things that clients look into before they consider you as an ideal fit for them. You will also need to be aware that not everyone are legitimate. Some will have you do stuff and once you're done, they won't be paying you at all. My suggestion is that you create profiles and accounts on these online jobs sites and learn how they work.

What Are The Types of Freelancing Jobs Online?

Hi again Guys! Sorry for not being able to touch base with you these past 3 days. I got sick and it’s just today that I was able to really work on my blog again.

Anyway, today, I would like to discuss further about the main classifications of freelance online jobs. I bet you are aware of some of the popular online job listing sites and marketplaces like,, etc. But what most online job hunters fail to initally define is what type of online job they want to have. There are basically 2 main classifications of online jobs available, based on my experience. These are the retainer type and the project-based type. Let me discuss each of them in detail.


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