Step #2 of How to Get Started with your Online Jobs Career (Assessing your Available Resources)

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Step #2 of How to Get Started with your Online Jobs Career (Assessing your Available Resources)

We are now in step #2 of our "How To Get Started With Your Online Jobs Career" series and today, we will talk more about the resources you will need to have to get started.

Determining what you need in your online jobs career is primarily based on what services you plan to offer. But basically, there are 3 general classifications of resources that you must have.

1) Internet Connection

Although this is obvious, it's important to stress that by simply having an internet connection is good enough. If let say the type of online job you would like to get into simply involves writing content, then I guess an internet connection with a speed of 512kbps will do, since you will be just writing stuff and you can even do it offline unless you need to research and send it to your client through email. However, for instance, your work involves web design, Skype calls, uploading and downloading of big files, then you will need a faster Internet connection. The good thing is that most Internet providers in the country offers at least 1mbps.

My tip for you here is that you get a DSL connection as much as possible because based on my experience, even if it's raining really hard, the connection won't drop. Some broadband services experience technical problems during strong rains and storms. As a backup, it's best to also have a portable Internet connection like those Pocket WiFi modules or those USB-type connections. Having this will assure you that no matter what happens to either of your internet connection, you will always stay connected.

2) Reliable Equipments

This is another obvious set of item that should be on your list, but let me elaborate further on this. The specification of the computer that you will need depends on the type of task you will do. If you'll be doing heavy graphics and video creation, then you'll need to have a computer that has a high video processing capability. Desktop computers can be upgraded to cater to that need. Aside from that, any new computer, whether desktop or laptop will do. But if you already have a computer now, you can just use that for the time being, until you feel that it's too slow for you to continue using it.

3) Must-Have Software & Applications

Basic software applications should already be installed on your computer. What I would like to stress here are the softwares and programs you will need as an online jobs professional. They are Skype, Dropbox and Google's Gmail account. 

a) Skype – This is the most common and professionally used communication medium by most online clients. You must have Skype installed on your computer and get familiar with how it works. (You can download this at

b) Dropbox - This is so far the most popular file sharing and collaboration software in the market today. It allows you to share files to your clients from anywhere in the world. In fact, you can access all the files in your Dropbox folder, even if you are not in your own computer. (You can download this at

c) Gmail Account – This is a MUST for all online jobs professionals. Having and using a gmail account for your work makes it much easier and efficient. The reason for this is there are many tools and services that are affiliated with  your account with Google, like the Google Drive where you can create spreadsheet files, Doc files, etc. Your Gmail account logins also serves as your login to the other services of Google like and others. (Sign-up for your Gmail account at

For those who have limited resources.

I understand that some of the items I've mentioned might discourage some of you since they could mean that you have to spend money to get the equipments and other tools and resources. I have a tip for you. Computer rental shops in the country have sprouted almost everywhere. This offers a great opportunity for those who doesn't have a good Internet connection and a reliable computer.

My recommendation is for you to try renting a computer to carry out your online tasks. Let say your client pays you 100 pesos per hour. Look for a computer shop that has a 20 to 30 pesos hourly rate. After deducting the cost of rent, you will end up having 80 to 70 pesos in your pocket. This is very economical because there's no need for you to maintain and upgrade your computer, you won't add cost in your electric bill at home, & you don't have to pay for your monthly Internet connection. I've tried this before when I got bored working from home and it's indeed possible. You just need to find a good computer shop that you are comfortable working at.

So there you have it, Step #2 on how to get started with your online jobs career. Your assignment for today is to determine the status of the equipments and tools that you have and decide which direction is best for you. On our next post, we will talk more about your story and your goals. These are important stuff that you should define when you are just starting out so don't miss that next post :)

If you have question and concerns, feel free to leave your questions below in the comment area or better if you could join our support group and leave your questions there. Don't forget to click the +1 button & LIKE this post to get notified through Facebook when the next post is out. Till next time, God bless!

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