Best Solution to Online Freelancing’s Lean Months (Few or No Client)

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Best Solution to Online Freelancing’s Lean Months (Few or No Client)

If you are reading this, chances are, you are an online freelancer and have experienced the "Feast or Famine" nature of this career. "Feast" is a period when you have more than enough clients and your earnings are doing well. "Famine" is a period when no matter what you do, you can't seem to find new clients and/or your current number of clients are dwindling. This is the sad and true reality of this career. But do you know that there is a solution to this situation? 

Two weeks ago, I attended an event and had the rare opportunity to listen to Mr.Chinkee Tan, a well-known wealth coach. Listening to his insights and suggestions about finances and how to make sure we never ran out of money during lean times makes me realize that freelancers can definitely benefit from his wisdom. Let me share with you my key take-aways from his event.


how-muchThis is something that many of us never actually tried. Our goal is to always earn. The more the better, but really, have we tried first to assess how much do we really need month after month? The logic in determining how much we need is to (1) first take an inventory of our fixed monthly financial obligations and then (2) we track our expenses. The more detailed the expense tracking you do, the more accurate you will see where your money is being spent.   

I went through those 2 steps and guess what… it was an eye opener for me. What I did was I listed all my fixed monthly expenses such as paying utilities, bills and others, even debts. To be honest, that is the easy part because you can finish this in less than an hour. However, most people stop at this point, thinking that anything in excess of what they've listed on their monthly expense is floating money, ready for spending.

In a way, that is correct. Since that amount of money isn't yet alloted to anything, we tend to spend that 'extra', 'floating' money on whatever we wish to buy. After making an inventory of your fixed expenses, follow step #2, which is to track each expense you make no matter how small it is. Do it for 1 to 2 months. I did this and believe me, it pains me to see that I am spending money in areas that I think I can save more. It's just so easy to spend money that is not alloted to anything. This leads us to the 2nd key take-away below.


budget-itAfter going through step #1, realizing how much I need every month and where is my money going, I was able to get a clear picture as to how I spend my money and easily established an amount that I need to have month after month. Now, its time to set a "Budget". According to Mr. Chinkee Tan, many people are afraid of the word 'budget' because their perception of budgetting is depriving themselves and reducing their expenses. The truth is, budgetting helps in making sure you have enough for the important aspects of your life, including the things you want to buy or spend on. It's not about resticting, but about making sure there is enough for every aspect of your life that you value and needs money. How does that sound? :) 

So what I did is I simply determined the possible amount of income I get every month and then allocate it right away to the fixed monthly financial obligations that I have. Of course, there will be extra. But instead of having those money remain un-alloted, this is where your budgetting comes in. For example, you have an Php 5000 that is not yet alloted. What you can do is to determine the areas of your life that you want to put some budget into. Do you want to travel twice a year? Then, why not allot Php 2000 for that. Of course, that will not be enough when you are starting, but once you get the habit of putting aside a specific amount every month, you will make that a reality. Now, you only have Php 3000. For instance, you may also want to allocate some money for your emergency fund because lets face it, it's not always that when emergency situation arises, we have enough finances to cover for it. So why not allocate Php 1,500 per month? That fund will grow and will soon protect you. And the remaining, you can still allocate them on other aspects of your life.

Basically, the goal is to not leave any money floating and make sure they are alloted. When you set a budget or allocate funds, it helps if you have enough for every important aspect of your life. This will also help you in saving for those things you desire to have or experience. But I know it's easier said than done. Not everyone will have someone to guide them and walk them through the process. That is where point #3 below comes in. 


stepLet's face it, whenever we hear financial management, we somewhat turn our minds off. It could be due to the complexities that come with it that we just decide to simply ignore it or we are afraid to see our true financial standing. Thus, we don't want to learn. In a way, I am like that where the term itself is too complex for me that I simply shrug it off. But after listening to Mr. Chinkee Tan, it opened my mind that freelance financial management is not as hard as I thought it is. In fact, it's simply all about following a tried and tested process or system in managing your finances. But another challenge is where do we get that process or system? Actually, that is the same question I have after accepting the fact that it is indeed best to follow a system. Hiring an accountant or getting one-on-one coaching is very expensive. You may end up paying around Php 3,000 to Php 5,000 to attend a one-day financial seminar, or even more!

But how glad I was to hear that Mr. Chinkee Tan understands that predicament. Instead of just encouraging people on how to manage their finances, he went the extra-mile in coming up with a system he called, "Chink Postive Do-It-Yourself Money Kit".




I have nothing but praise regarding this money kit because this is a dream-come-true for many people who need someone or something to guide them on how to go about their financial management. Imagine this… all you have to do is to religiously follow the system he has laid out, use all the materials inside the box plus read all the instuctions he gave and you are on your way to a better financial standing.

The thing is, following this system doesn't require you to be earning a specific amount of money. As the saying goes, "It's now how much you earn, but how much you keep". This money kit by Mr. Chinkee Tan will help you out with that. Bottom line is, to survive and thrive in the lean months of your online jobs career, financial management is the solution. So if you think it's time for you to start managing your finances using an easy to follow system that even a highschool student can do, then I suggest you try out this "Money Kit" by Mr. Chinkee Tan.


If you are interested to get your hands and try out this money kit, I have a surprise gift for you. if you will make a reservation through the form below and purchase the "Money Kit", I will be giving you FREE "Exclusive Access" to the recording of the seminar that i've organized called "SHIFT+ALT+CAREER". You can check out the teaser video for more information about the recording you will get.



So how much does the "Money Kit" going to cost you? It's just 2,500 pesos (free shipping all over the philippines).

If you are already earning, this amount is too small if you will compare it to the amount of money you will be able to save and the financial well being you will spend. Some people pay alot for a financial consultant to teach them for a few hours, but with this money kit, you can go back to the lessons and videos that comes with it unlimited number of times. It's like having Mr. Chinkee Tan right beside you when you need to be reminded on what to do. 

chinkshirtI'd like to add that if you will also reserve and purchase the "Money Kit" through the form below, you will get this exclusive and limited edition "Chink Postive" shirt for FREE. Wearing this shirt affirms that you are on your way to a more stable financial situation. 

If you love to read, you can also go and check out his books. You can also get them at a discounted bundled price by making a reservation through the form below. The typical cost of Mr. Chinkee Tan's book in book stores is around 300 to 400 pesos each but you can get them at a discounted bundle price. If you buy 4 books, you get 1 for free for Php 1,250 or buy 3 books for just Php 900.00. See his books below: (I will make a review on each of them soon, so watch out!)


On the other hand, if you think that 2,500 is something you can't afford at the moment, then why not attend one of Mr. Chinkee Tan's Live Seminar. There will be one happening this June 20, 2015 from 1pm to 6pm at Metrowalk Plaza, Meralco Ave., Pasig, entitled, "Ka-Chink! How to Retire Before the Age 50". There is currently an on-going 1,000 pesos discount on all ticket prices. The Gold ticket cost 1,800 pesos, but is now only PHP 800. The Silver ticket is 1,600 pesos, now only PHP 600 and the Bronze ticket is 1,400 pesos, but now is just PHP 400. So go ahead and avail of these discounted ticket prices by making the reservation through the form below.


I am pretty sure you are thinking that I am promoting Mr. Chinkee Tan's programs and trainings. Yes, I am and that is because I am convinced that what he is teaching and through the use of his "Money Kit" system, your financial situation will be much better, not by immediately increasing your income, but by effectively and efficiently managing what you have. As the old saying goes, "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are". My hope is that you'll take action and, I mean any action that will help you with your financial well being so that when the lean months come, you are all set and ready for the next season of plenty. Until next time, God bless everyone!

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[Disclosure: I am an accredited online lead generator for Chinkee Tan’s Book and Training Programs] 

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