Can “Persons With Disabilities” (PWD) Succeed Doing Online Job?

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Can “Persons With Disabilities” (PWD) Succeed Doing Online Job?

A few weeks ago, I got an opportunity to attend an ICT Job & Skills fair for persons with disabilities called “Work Anywhere Through ICT”. This opened my eyes to the underserved segment of our society who are equally capable and highly skilled.

This further supported my belief that through online jobs, they can have meaningful and highly rewarding work not looking at their situation and condition. So to answer the question “Can persons with disabilities can have and succeed doing online jobs?”, my answer is a big YES. Some of you or even those who classify themselves as PWDs still have doubts about this answer of mine, but allow me to explain and elaborate with 3 simple points:


Point #1: Online Freelancing is All About the Work Output

Many individuals that i’ve talked to have the wrong notion when it comes to having an online job. Allow me to stress that the bottom line of a successful online jobs career is your ability to deliver the required output or work by your client. It doesn’t require you to state or requires that you must be physically healthy, complete and doesn’t have any disabilities. I am yet to see an Online job opening that states such.

If you think you can do the job and do it well even if you have some forms of disabilities, then apply to that online job opening by all means. Now a new question might arise to the PWDs mind. That question is, “should we disclose our condition/s in our application and interview?”. This leads me to the 2nd point on this blog post.

Point #2: Online Jobs doesn’t require you to state your condition or situation

freelancer-pwd2Let me give you an analogy: Do you know anyone who have applied for a job and then listed on their resume that he is an ex-convict, someone who has been imprisoned for years due to a crime he did? I am sure the employer or the interviewer, upon finding that out will decline the application. People always have a bias about this. Sad but that is usually the case. They failed to see and focus on what the person can do and deliver. Luckily, with online jobs, it’s not how you look or what you lack physically that matters primarily. It’s your capacity to deliver the job and if you have the skills to complete them in a timely manner.

As stated for Point #2, you are not required to state you physical condition and situation. As long as you can communicate to the client, through voice, chat or email, and deliver the job well, you have an equally fair chance of getting hired. Again, there is no need for you to state that you are a PWD because i am sure, the last thing you want to happen is for people to give you a job out of pity or worse not to give you a job at all because of your condition.

Just focus on what you can offer to them and let them know that you can deliver by showing proofs of your works and skills. This is not lying. You are simply focusing on what is needed on the job and you don’t find your disabilities to be a hindrance in delivering the service. Are we clear on that? :)

Point#3: Don’t be afraid. Many PWDs already tried this and are earning really well.

Lastly, this is not something that PWDs haven’t tried in the past. In fact, i’ve been hearing stories about individuals finding sustainable online work and are even earning better than most who works in big companies. My mentor, Ms. Janette Toral shared to me one of her experience hiring a PWD. In fact, she didn’t know that the person have disabilities. She hired the person as a blogger and writer. The work delivered is perfect and she is really satisfied. She have given this person multiple projects and she was surprised when she finally meet the person that he has disabilities. This only strengthens further point #2.

So there you have it!. I only gave 3 points, but I hope it encouraged you to go ahead and take the first step. There is nothing to worry about your situation. If you have the skills and capacity to deliver, the only thing you need to worry about is how to service all the clients that will come your way because of your quality work :) If you know someone who wants to start their online career but are afraid due to their condition, kindly share to them this blog post. If you are a PWD reading this, I would like to hear your thoughts on what i’ve just shared and hopefully you can give us more help you just like the way we help every follower and reader of this blog. Kindly leave your comments below. Don’t forget to click LIKE and share this to your family and friends ok? Until next time. May God bless you and your love ones always.

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