Q&A: She Wants to Change Career from BPO to Online Freelancing and Go Back to The Province But Doesn’t Know Where to Begin

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Q&A: She Wants to Change Career from BPO to Online Freelancing and Go Back to The Province But Doesn’t Know Where to Begin

Hi everyone! First, I would like to thank all of you for your continued patronage on this blog and for showing support by leaving comments, questions and LIKES on each post you read. We’ve been doing Q & A’s for some time now and we would like to hear more from you so that we can guide you and give you feed back on your concerns and problems on how you can get started too in working from home doing online jobs. On this post, we will try to answer another message sent to us through Facebook. Lets just call her V.C.. Her message is as follows:


Hi V.C. Thanks for taking time in listening that podcast interview of Freelance Blend and for reaching out and seeking answers to your questions. I am sure you will go places and achieve your dreams because you’ve showed perseverance in finishing college just by yourself. :)

Your message had put a smile on my face because I know you have the right reasons why you want to do online jobs and start your online career as a freelancer. Many people simply want to do online jobs for just one reason alone: to earn money. This can be very fatal to them because to survive in this industry, money shouldn’t be just your prime motive. You must also have a bigger WHY or reason why you want to have this online jobs lifestyle. You also mentioned that one reason you want to pursue this career is because you want to go back to your province and spend time with your parents. For me, that is a very noble reason and a good move because as we all know, your money goes a long way if spent in the province as cost of living there is definitely way affordable than here in the Metro. Let me now answer your questions.

(1) How to Get Started?

Screen shot 2014-07-03 at 5.55.47 AMThis is actually the most common question I get from individuals who want to enter this industry. To be honest, there are many ways to get started but there are only a few paths that give you a better advantage. And let me share to you one of them. I strongly suggest that you, first, get a clear idea on what this industry is all about. Many people simply hop in and try their luck. In most cases they are faced with many challenges and get discouraged when they experience certain realities of this industry. I don’t want that to happen to you. That is the reason why I suggest to people to take my “Online Jobs Career Orientation” which is a FREE video training series that gives people a clear and real idea on what it means to have an online career. I’ve also outlined steps that anybody can take to get started. If you haven’t accessed that training, please click HERE

(2) How to acquire skills needed?

 If you are just starting out, the best advice that I can give you is to first get an inventory of the current skills and experience you have. You said that you’ve worked for 8 years in the BPO and financial industry. This means that you already have lots of skills and competencies on your belt that you can bank on when applying for any job online. But of course, these are just the initial skills and competencies. You will still need relevant skills to the job that your client wants to hire you for. I guess before asking how to acquire the skills, you need to know what skills are needed for the job you will be applying for.

ideal-jobThe online jobs industry is a vast field, just like the field of Medicine. There are many branches, skill-sets and competencies involved. You may want to be a nurse, a surgeon, pediatrician, and many more. On the free training video I’ve mentioned above, I’ve shared the different types of jobs you can pursue. However, don’t be limited by the types of job I have mentioned because there are more than enough job types you can check out.

Once you are clear as to what skill-set you need for the job, then you can begin looking for online materials that will teach you about it. You can check Youtube and Google. That’s how I started. But of course, I committed lots of mistakes because I don’t have a mentor or guide. Find someone who can support and guide you as you take this journey. :)

But my suggestion is this: Coming from the BPO industry myself, prior to starting my online career, I know the predicaments that you might face as you get started. Having vast experience in Customer Service, Management and Event Financials, I think you will be effective as a Remote Executive Assistant. This is very much in-line with the skill set and experience you already have.

At the end of the day, it’s all about clarity on what type of online professional you want to become. We will be having a Live event this coming August 23, 2014 about these matters. I invite you to come and join that event which will be held in Ortigas Center. If you are interested, kindly PM me again in Facebook. :)

V.C., I hope I was able to answer your questions and concerns on how to get started. If you have more questions, kindly join our Facebook Group  where you can get more answers from our community.

So there you have it, my response to V.C.’s message. I hope you were able to pick-up a thing or two on how you too can get started. If you have questions about anything online jobs related, kindly send me a message through my Facebook Fan page. Don’t forget to LIKE this post ok? Until next time. God bless you and good luck in your online jobs career journey!

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