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The Missing Piece In Your Online Freelancing Career

Are you a blogger, a freelancer, or basically someone who is self-employed? If you are, then, I am sure you are enjoying the freedom and flexibily that your type of career is giving you. Just like me, an online freelancer, it gives me great joy knowing that I have control over my schedule and career. But just like any career, there is a down-side to being self-employed. "No Benefits". Unlike our employed counterpart, they enjoy benefits like health care coverage and government mandated benefits (SSS, Philhealth & Pag-ibig) that we, freelancers and self-employed, don't have. This is the "missing piece".  

The #1 Trait Needed to Succeed in Online Freelance Job Hunting

Through the years that I've been teaching and mentoring people on how to get started with their online careers, I've encountered different types of people having different backgrounds, skills, characters and competencies.  But what I have observed is that both sets of people, the skilled and the not-so-skilled, are having a hard time landing on their very first online job. That made me ask what is that missing element that determines success in people of finding their online jobs in a short period of time, aside from skill and competency.

If You Have Skills, You Can Teach and Earn from It

Hi Everyone! On today's post, I would like to share with you a topic that is very close to my heart. It's about teaching and training. I guess it's not a surprise to many of you because you've seen me going around in different parts of the country giving talks and training on how to get started in online freelancing.

I am doing this to help, inspire and inform people that there are many online jobs out there that they can check and make a decent living from. However, that is not why I am writing this blog post. I am writing this to share with you the other way of earning a living online, and that is by sharing your knowledge and expertise through online teaching and training. 

3 Different Approaches in Starting Your Online Jobs Career | Online Freelancing

You reading this blog post could possibly mean that you are interested and would like to know more on how to start doing online jobs and experience the benefits and freedom it offers. If your answer is a big YES, you are on the right page. In today's post, I would like to share 3 different ways you can take to get started. For the past few months, I've been asked more than I can count how to get started doing online jobs and find clients. My answer is always "It depends.". Oftentimes, some people aren't satisfied with my answer and frown at it, as my answer is followed by more questions from me. But for your sake, my readers, allow me to spare you with those questions and simply give you the 3 ways you can take based on your circumstances and just let you to decide which path to take.

Join Our Upcoming “Online Jobs Training” Seminar and Learn from Expert Speakers & Online Jobs Professionals

If you’ve been reading and watching the news lately, reports and statistics show that the online freelancing industry in the Philippines is growing in a fast rate and there seems to be no sign of it slowing down in the next few years. This is good news for many people because it means that a new breed of OFWs is on the rise. I am referring to the almost 1 million “Online Filipino Workers” who are earning a decent amount of money, mostly in dollars, by simply working from home and rendering services to clients abroad.

Can “Persons With Disabilities” (PWD) Succeed Doing Online Job?

A few weeks ago, I got an opportunity to attend an ICT Job & Skills fair for persons with disabilities called “Work Anywhere Through ICT”. This opened my eyes to the underserved segment of our society who are equally capable and highly skilled.

This further supported my belief that through online jobs, they can have meaningful and highly rewarding work not looking at their situation and condition. So to answer the question “Can persons with disabilities can have and succeed doing online jobs?”, my answer is a big YES. Some of you or even those who classify themselves as PWDs still have doubts about this answer of mine, but allow me to explain and elaborate with 3 simple points:

4 Questions To Ask Before Applying To Any Online Job

One of the nicest thing about starting an Online Jobs Career is that there are so many job openings available that you can choose from. Unfortunately, many first-time online freelancers simply go and apply to any online jobs listing they see on the web. Let say, you found a job opening that seems to fit with your skills and experiences. Does this guarantee success and career fulfillment? Let me share with you some questions that you need to ask yourself before you start sending your resume and contacting the person who posted the online job opening.

Stick To Your Work Schedule – Online Jobs Career Success Tips Series

One of the benefits of being an Online Freelancer and working from home is the flexibility of adjusting your time and schedule to suit your needs. Unfortunately, many freelancers and online professionals take this to the extreme and simply change schedules even when they are in the middle of doing something. This has a negative impact not only on their productivity, but also on their quality of work and amount they can earn.

The Habits of the World’s Smartest People… Do You Have Any of Them?

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you had a blast during the New Year’s Celebration. Let’s start the year by talking about HABITS. Many of us will set New Year’s resolutions and goals, but will end up not being able to achieve them. There is one important characteristic that can greatly help in the achievement of those goals and plans. And that is no other than, HABITS.

Habits are very important because they can drive a person to great success or their worst failure. Working from home and doing online jobs is no exception. In fact, the habits and character of the person working from home will be greatly tested due to the nature of the work where no boss or supervisor is around to watch your every move.

Work from Home | Online Jobs Was Featured in GMA 7 News (Video)

It’s nice to know that the local news media reports about the growth of the online jobs career in the country today. More and more people are jumping in and experiencing success and freedom that this industry offers.

On the video below, the News show of GMA 7, State of the Nation with Jessica Soho, gives a glimpse of this Telecommuting / Work from Home / Online Jobs industry. And just like the call center industry a few years ago, the time for the online jobs industry to experience tremendous growth has come. The report also talked about the use of co-working spaces and how it helps those freelancers who cant be that productive working from home.


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