The Baptism of A New Digital Influencer at the Digital Influencer Marketing Summit in Rizal

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In life, we do encounter a moment when you'll feel that you're into something good and you know that you've crossed to a new stage in your career and life. That's what I've experienced when I attended the recently concluded "Digital Influencer Marketing Summit" held in Thunderbird Resort in Rizal last Feb 2, 2013. Allow me to share with you why I felt that way and what happened in the event.

Being part of the event is more of a Divine Providence… more of like a baptism with God Parents in the persons of the event organizer and the speakers.

The day started very early for me and my companion because we need to travel to the venue which we've never been to. In fact, we are simply heading to the pickup point where the service shuttle of the resort will be picking us up. Fortunately, we arrived just in time at the pickup point. When we arrived at the resort, we were brought straight to a grand hall where people are getting ready to listen, learn and enjoy the rest of the day.


The event started by the "Digital Influencer Marketing Summit" organizer, Ms. Janette Toral of welcoming the participants. She had everyone introduced themselves and share what they do. This activity opened my mind to the reality that I am now in the midst of local online marketing practitioners, which I've been praying to happen for a quite a long time. I've been doing online jobs to clients abroad for years now and I've always looked forward to seeing and being with my local counterparts here. And on this day, it happened!



After the introduction, the first set of speakers on the topic "Brand Advocates" were introduced, starting with Ben Francia. He shared how he started as an online service provider, his background, and his experience as being a brand advocate himself. I somehow see myself in Ben Francia because we both have the same background of being a freelancers / service provider and was mentored by Internet Marketing Gurus. After Ben's talk, he is followed by Ms Maita Siquijor, who is an experienced Real Estate broker. Actually, the word "experienced" is an understatement if you are to list down all the credentials and affiliation of Ms. Maita. Even before the event, I had the privilege to join Ms .Maita in a "3-day workshop in Tagaytay". I was able to get to know her more. A very outstanding woman if you will ask me. Her sharing on the topic gave me more ideas on how wonderful of a person she is.

The next topic during the morning session was presented by Mr. Khoa Bui who gave his share of information through his lively & entertaining approach. It was then followed by a face-off between him and Tof Salcedo who is a recognized SEO Professional. Questions were asked and both of them were very attentive and game to answer the questions.

One surprise of the morning is the Goodie bag in a form of a breadloaf given to all participants of the event by Antz the Bread Factory. The packaging was hip and cool that every people that we've passed through going home were looking at what we are carrying. But the goodies are definitely a must try. I'll definitely grab one if I happen to pass by one of their stores. At exactly 12 noon, lunch was served. And I tell you, the food was GREAT and we can eat all we can. I will just let the pictures speak for itself on how wonderfully the food was prepared, not to mention the taste… will surely go back to Thunderbird Resort. :)

Once everyone had their fill and smiling to the their tummy's delight, the 2nd part of the event continued, starting with no other than the resident Online Marketing Specialist of Thunderbird Resorts, Mr. Joma Hiron. In his talk, he shared about how he was able to increase their brand exposure through the help of influencers and brand advocates. He stressed that having a brand advocate and influencers backing up your business is one thing that you should aim to have and strive for.

He was followed by a representative of Nuffnang Philippines, Trixie Esguerra, who shared how these influencers and brand advocates help their business and their customers. Afterwhich, another round of Q&A followed. This time, more questions were asked and great answers were provided. The next speaker for that afternoon did something that caught my attention. He is Fitz Villafuerte. The way he introduced himself was by having us read the text on his slides telling his stories of failure and triumph and that led a round of applause and cheer from the audience when he started to speak saying, "Now I have a Voice". In his talk, he talked about his past and present online ventures and gave more pointers.

The 2nd to the last speaker, Ms Rosario Juan, shared to us her  knowledge and expertise on Twitter and how you can utilize the power of Twitter to achieve success not only on your business but also to the lives of other people. She shared how she was able to mobilize people into helping the typhoon victims and how it helped her build her influence to help more people.

The last speaker for the day is Mr. Nick Fontanilla. His talk may be too academic for some but he was able to deliver it in such a way that everyone would understand. He discussed how social media can change the purchasing process of a consumer. He used an image of a sales funnel with different stages and drilled down on each of the items. He stressed how our simple tweets, likes, and share could affect a business, both for the good and bad.

The event ended before 5pm and all the participants were given their unique Digital Influencer shirt that are only available when you attend to one of the said event. However, the fun doesn't end there. All the participants were asked if they want to join the "casino appreciation" tour where participants were taught how to play Bacarrat. It was a fun game and the best thing about it, we won. :)

The hospitality of Thunderbird Resort didn't end there. They also provided a shuttle going back to our pickup point in different time intervals. Since we are allowed to stay and "appreciate" the resort's facilities, we decided to take the last trip back, and to our surprise and delight, there is a shuttle service pick-up & drop-off point near SM Megamall, one jeepney ride away from home. (Talk about making it very easy to go back. hahaha…which I surely will.)

Here is a video highlighting what transpired during the event. (Produced by GraveyardGamersPH)


I would say my so called "baptism" to becoming a Digital influencer is a blast and all of this was made possible by Ms. Janette Toral and I highly recommend any, if not, all of the events they organize. Not only you will learn a lot, but you will be able to network with like minded people who are generous not only with their time but also with their knowledge and expertise. Kudos to everyone and you will surely see me around :) God bless


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