Flown Into The World of Art Through An Exhibit Called “Grounded” At The Lopez Museum

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Flown Into The World of Art Through An Exhibit Called “Grounded” At The Lopez Museum

Yesterday, I was privileged to be invited to join a museum tour of the Lopez Museum in Ortigas Center, Pasig City. This is the first time that I’ll be entering an Arts Museum. As I’m not a fan of art, I brought no expectations with me at all, but just to take pictures. Not that I don’t like art pieces, I guess I just consider them as paintings and mere drawings to beautify a wall or a space. Little did I know that this 2-hour activity will open my mind into the wonderful world of arts and have a peek into the minds of those creative people who crafted them. Good thing, I heed my friend’s advice to bring a camera with me for I will get heaps of wonderful shots. Allow me to walk you through the Art Exhibit through my own words and through the pictures that I took.

The theme of the Art Exhibit is called “Grounded” and is participated by various artists who have epxressed their own interpretations of the word, Grounded, through their works. Until then, I found a new appreciation of art after a friend shared with me a quote that goes, “Art is not what you see, but seeing what the artist wants you to see”. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to it, until one of the artists, Toym Imao, explained his works that I truly got the meaning of the quote my friend shared with me. It’s indeed seeing the art pieces through the eyes of the artist who created them. In this case, I needed to look at the art pieces and relate them to the theme of the exhibit. Now, I can say that each art work has a story behind it and not just a piece of art to fill an empty space. Let me show you some of the pieces that touched my heart and made me say, “oohhhhh” and “aahhhh” :)

Our tour started with an introduction to the 2 main art pieces found in the main lobby. Our guide, Ms. Ethel Villafranca, shared with us various points and ideas about the two art works by Juan Arellano. (Shown below)

Next, we were brought to the first gallery and was given an introduction about the art pieces of Alma Quinto called “Jutay”. Jutay is an Ilonggo term for ‘small’. The concept of the exhibit room is more like a classroom style where there are chalkboards on the wall filled with scribbles and writings by previous visitors of the Museum. There is a section where guests are encouraged to create their own art pieces using dry leaves to be placed inside a paper envelope that you stick to the wall. (See photos below)

The works of Eric Zamuco is quite interesting as well. His art pieces are displayed on the ceiling. At first, you won’t notice that those are part of the exhibit. A close look at it allows you  to recognize that those are not just the typical ceiling panels. According to the tour guide, creating those panels with various shapes involves many steps that requires creativity and mastery of the craft. (left image below)

Another interesting piece in the exhibit is the art piece of Goldie Poblador called “Ang Simula ng Pagsibol”. It’s like a test tube with a glass plant inside. What makes it fascinating is it reacts to heat and produces different colors. The reason for its unique reaction to heat is due to the materials use to create this art piece, namely Phosphor & Neon Gas. This is something that pictures can’t give justice and the best way to experience this wonderful art work is for you to actually see and touch it. A “Must-See” art if you’ll ask me. (right photo above)

Another Interesting piece that I liked is the work of Galo Ocampo called “Crucifixion”. It’s a painting  showing Jesus Christ crucified but behind it are images of chaos such as nuclear missiles, air crafts, explosions and the likes.

One of the “Must-Try” collection available in the exhibit is the works of Josephine Turalba called “Scandals”. Her art pieces are sandal slippers made of shotgun bullet shells. (hmmm interesting). The nice thing about it is that you are allowed to try and wear them. It feels comfortable but the sounds it emits is similar to loading a bullet into a shotgun. I guess, it could mean that each steps that we make could be dangerous if done wrongly. I guess that’s the beauty of art. It’s like a guessing game and the only way to know you got the message right is when a tour guide or the artists themselves explain the story behind those pieces. Sounds fun, right? :)

The highlight of our tour happened when one of the artist Toym Imao arrived and joined us in our tour. He was gracious enough to explain to us the story behind his art pieces. He has 4 pieces exhibited in the gallery, namely (a) P/Flight (b) Drawn, Drone, Drown (c) Ship, Shift, Strip (d) Diyos, Choose, Dues. All offer very interesting stories and interpretations which tickle the minds and give us ideas how he sees things through the materials and elements he used in creating his own pieces.

The “P/flight” art piece is a symbolism of Filipinos abroad and the tattoo marks on the body of the statue are actually the floor plans of airports around the world where there is a huge number of Filipinos working there. The “Drawn, Drone, Drown” is an art piece inspired by an unmanned drone used in surveilance missions. If I am not mistaken, this must have something to do with some recent news of a drone retrived by fishermen in the seas in the Visayas region but then again, I could be wrong. :) In this piece, he uses symbols of hands, paper planes, a chain and a controller attached to the wall. Very creative indeed. The 3rd art piece is called “Ship, Shift, Strip” was inspired by the recent sea mishap in the tubataha reef where a US warship had a problem, damaged the protected reef and is now in the process of having stripped down because it’s beyond repair. I just can’t imagine how fast these artist acts upon their ideas and inspiration. I can’t help but marvel on their focus and passion. (See the 3 art pieces show below)

My most favorite art piece in the whole exhibit is his work called “Diyos, Choose, Dues.” It has the similarity with the concept of Da Vinci’s works in the Sistine Chapel in Rome where the hand of God is reaching to man. He added some twist into it where he placed a Cootie Catcher on God’s hand as if asking our mortal fingers to choose our blessings from the choices. (Another personal art interpretation. I am kinda liking this drill… hehe)

There are other many interesting pieces shown like the memorabilia of Dr. Jose Rizal, the works of Juan Luna, Fernando Amorsolo, Pacita Abad, Jose Joya and many more. (see photos below)

After going through all these arts pieces and collections, I felt that this exercise also “Grounded” me. I say this because, as I have said I am not an art fan and I am the type that is more impressed with the technological advancements and latest gadgets (typical of a man). But I was grounded by the fact that when I just thought that I knew it all, it brought my feet back to the ground and realized that there are many wonderful things that technology couldn’t come up or come close with, and these are the works, minds and creativity of artists and exhibitors. To all the artists who participated in this exhibit, my hat’s off to you :) So there you have it, my “day-in-a-life” inside the world of artists.

To those of you who would also like to meet the artists behind these masterpieces, you can attend the museum’s “Grounded Artist Talk” on March 9 – from 2-4 PM with Toym Imao, Josephine Turalba & Eric Zamuco. They will discuss their processes, choice of materials, subject matter and the challenges and possibilities of art as engagement. My recommendation to you is to take this chances because art pieces explained by the artist is much easier to understand, especially if you are new to this kind of thing. Regisration for the Artist Talk is at Php 120.00 (students Php 100.00).  For inquiries, you may contact Ms Ethel D. Villafranca at (632) 631-2417. Their address is at G/F Benpres Bldg. Exchange Road Corner Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, 1600 Pasig (along Philippine Stock Exchange road). They are open monday to saturday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Let me leave you with this quote from Twyla Tharp, “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home”. This is indeed true because for a very short period of time, I was brought into a magical place of beauty, wonder, intellect and class. I here by certify that the “The Lopez Memorial Museum & Library” is an Online Jobs Lifestyle spot, not because of the existence of advanced technology, but because it gives the much needed “thought break” to our minds who are so busy with online stuff that we tend to forget about the other wonders our world and culture has to offer. God bless everyone!


I highly encourage that you try to visit this Art Museum. Bring your kids, friends and co-workers. If you love going to theme parks, I am sure this is something that you would love as well. There is a guide who will explain to you who created each art work and what is the inspiration behind it. If you would like to know more about the Lopez Museum, simply visit their website at http://www.lopez-museum.org.ph. You can also get in touch with them through theirFacebook Fanpage and Twitter.

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