How To Distinguish A Scam From A Real Online Jobs

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How To Distinguish A Scam From A Real Online Jobs

Now that I have shared with you the main classifications of online jobs and where you can find one, it's important to know as well which jobs are legitimate and which ones are not. Today, I will share with you my own and other people's experiences to help you avoid clients  who aren't planning to pay you for a job done. When you're just starting out, you are at your most vulnerable to scams and clients who run away after you've finished a project with them. The problem is that it is so hard to determine which of them will ditch you after you've submitted your work and which ones will stick. As you move forward, you might deal with different types of clients. It's simply a matter of knowing what are the signs to look for so that you won't be scammed.

Below are the possible scenarios you might encounter and what you can do to weed out and lessen the chances of you not getting paid or being scammed.

A) Receiving A Random "Job Offer" Email

Scenarios like this happen all the time. In most cases, they are spam emails. But as someone who has created profiles on online job market sites, you wouldn't know immediately if it's a legit email or not. The only way to know is when you respond & interact with the sender.

I, myself, do get such types of emails. What I do initially is check the message and see if it's from someone who saw my profile from one of the many online jobs marketplace I had signed up. I send a reply and wait for their response. Oftentimes, you can already find the details from the initial email, asking you to send your information and so on. On the otherhand, some emails are too casually written that you will think it's not for real. Just respond to them and ask questions you want them to answer.

B) Paying A Fee To Get A Job

These are very common nowadays. I've been asked by friends to check if a certain site is a legitimate online job marketplace. The moment I checked the website and see that part of their procedure is to register with a fee before you can get a job, you may want to think twice of joining. However, I can't absolutely conclude that these types of sites are 100% scam sites as there may be other reputable websites that require a modest fee if you want to access their job database. One thing you have to remember though, if you are just starting out, you don't need to pay to get a job. There are various free online jobs listing sites that you can register to. I suggest that you check them out first. Sometimes, the best way to learn is by experience. I encourage you to share with us if you happen to know or find any website that offer legitimate online jobs. (note: The website shown on the image is )

C) Applying To Any Job Listing You Saw Online

This is the typical path of many and somehow the safest, but then not 100%. What you should do once you received a response from potential client is to ask questions about the job such as how much you will be paid, how often will it be, when can you see the contracts, etc.  There should be a series of exchange of emails between you and your potential client. If this is happening, it's a good sign. This should be followed by a request for a Skype conversation. They would want to personally talk to you either through a text chat or an actual voice conversation. Don't forget to ask the person's real name. If they have a Linkedin account, ask for it so that you can check. You should take some precautionary steps to make sure that the person you are dealing with is a real person. Remember, not all listings are backed by a real and legitimate individuals. Some of them simply use other names.

My Suggestions

There are many possible scenarios that you might experience in the journey of finding your client. The 3 scenarios I've mentioned are some of the few. One last thing I want to impart is that there is always a risk involved in applying for an online job. It's just a matter of knowing how much risk you are willing to take. Always remember that when you're starting out, the most important thing is experience. Focus on learning and the money will follow.

I hope that this post will somehow lessen the chances of you getting scammed to ultimately enjoy the money you worked hard for. If you like this post, and you think it's useful, CLICKING the LIKE, TWEET & +1 buttons will be very much appreciated. If you have questions and concerns, feel free to join our Support Community. I'll be more than happy to answer your questions there. Thanks for reading and until next time. God bless.

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