How To Get Clients To Choose You Over Others (Online Jobs Training Step #6)

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How To Get Clients To Choose You Over Others (Online Jobs Training Step #6)

Welcome to the 6th installment of our "How To Get Started With Your Online Jobs Career" training. On today's post, we will talk about how to get a potential client choose you over other applicants and competitors.

Let me share with you a story. I went out of town last week for a quick R&R. On my way home, I decided to bring home some goodies for my family, so I decided to stop by a "pasalubong" area. The moment I stepped out of our vehicle, several groups of sellers started approaching me selling their trade. They have different pitches why I should buy their buko pie over the other person who is also selling the same product. Then, another person approached me saying that what she is selling is fresh from the oven and still hot. Of course, I have to make the decision as to whom to buy from. And guess what? I chose the one who offered more value and quality than the others.

Similarly, applying for an online job can be like this. You need to distinguish yourself from others and present yourself in a way that the client will see that you are the solution to his or her needs and the best person for the job. This is where your "Unique Selling Proposition" or USP comes in. Just like the buko pie seller in my story above, I opted to buy from the person who said that their product is fresh from the oven and still hot. The question is, do you know what is your unique selling proposition? Or in simple terms, what makes you unique that clients should hire you instead of your competitors who even be offering a much lower price than your asking rate? Let me give you some guidelines on how to craft your USP so that when you are asked why should they choose you, you already have an answer.

There are 4 Elements that your USP must have:
a) Your Story (Experience)
b) The Service You Will Offer
c) Your Work Standards and Ethic
d) The Results of Your Work


Your USP must contain your story. This alone makes you unique for no other person have experienced the same things as you have. There is only one YOU. But you should say your story in such a way that it highlights you as a person that has something to offer. Let me use my example:

My experience providing customer service started in my first job as a call center agent. I was trained on how to deal with work pressures, deadlines, tight situations and difficult customers with professionalism. That experience brought me lots of citations and commendations from both my superior and clients alike.

If you will notice, that's just part of my story, but it talks about where I started and the results that I have achieved.


Here, you will need to list down the services you will be offering. This step is very simple because you will simply list everything that you can and will offer to your clients as your service. If you are good in writing, then don't just say "I can write you an article". Be detailed as much as possible. For example:

I can write you a 500 word article with 15% focused on your target keyword/s and it will be distributed on 10 sharing sites.

Such description makes it clear to the client what you are offering, instead of saying, "I am a Content Writer" or "I am a website designer" and many more.


This one is essential as you may have the skills and experience but if you don't have a good work ethic, no client would want to work with you. That is why it's important to mention this in your USP. However, make sure that it's indeed true and not just a way to make you look good and get clients to hire you. For instance,

"I treat my work seriously that if there is anything in the design that I've created that you didn't like, I can change it for you without no extra charge. I would also deliver any design project in a timely manner, which in most cases, 48 hours from the time of confirmation."

I've heard many stories about online workers promising one thing and once hired, they  can't deliveer results expected fo them. So, PLEASE be honest and true. This is about ETHICS and not Marketing alone. Don't promise something that you can't deliver.


This last portion of your USP is the most important part because this section fully justifies you as the person to hire over the others. WHY? its because here, you will discuss the results that you can deliver to your client.

I'll be honest, a person can have the experience, can deliver the services and has good work ethics, but if at the end of the day, you won't be able to fulfill the needs and goals of your clients, you're still not worthy of getting the job. For this reason, it's important that you know exactly what your ideal client needs. (If you don't know how your ideal clients were, read step #4.)

So, in writing the final section of your USP, you can write something like this:

"Based on the works that I've done in the past, the website that I've created was able get good feedbacks from my clients and brought them more sales in the process.  By hiring me, I will use the same set of design and marketing skills to deliver the same or even, greater results compared with my previous clients."


Your assignment is to write your USP based on the 4 criteria that I've mentioned above. Make sure you do this step because an opportunity may come to you where you will need to state your USP over the others. It's better to be ready than sorry, right?

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