7 Reasons Why It’s Beautiful To Have An Online Jobs Career in the Philippines

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7 Reasons Why It’s Beautiful To Have An Online Jobs Career in the Philippines

We’ve heard the saying “Slowdown and smell the roses.” or “Slow down and enjoy the beauty around you.” Living in a fast paced world today, it’s so easy to miss what’s going on around us and the beauty and wonder life offers. Allow me to share with you why, I think, being in this career is such a beauty, especially if you are in the Philippines.

Beauty #1 – Being able to work from home and not leaving the country.

I know many of us have heard that working abroad can change a person’s life. You will definitely earn big and can help your family and relatives. But the sad thing about it is you will be leaving behind your loved ones. That is a typical journey of our OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers). By choosing to get an online job, you don’t have to leave the country just to be able to find a job that lets you earn more than what you could get from a regular job in our country. With an online job, you may still end up calling yourself an ‘OFW’. But now, you can create a different meaning out of it. You can now call yourself an “Online Filipino Worker” :)

Beauty #2 – There are many beautiful places you can visit and work from.

Living in the Philippines with almost 7,107 islands, is a good reason why you would like to have an online career, especially if you love to travel. I did this many times already. There are times when I needed to be away from home because I needed to attend some of our church organization activities. I simply pack my laptop and my portable internet connection and I am all set. So far, I’ve been to Bohol, Pangasinan, Cebu and even to Singapore and still able to work and finish my task. Now i know you might be asking, “Isn’t your boss looking for you during working hours?” Yes, they do look for me and even send me tasks with deadlines. So how am I able to accomplish all of my tasks and travel? That leads to beauty #3.

Beauty #3 – You are not tied to one specific work place and can choose your working hours.

Online Jobs Lifestyle - Work AnywhereBeing an Online Professional gives you the freedom to choose whom you want to work with and specify the working hours you’re willing to work on. In my experience, most of the clients are willing to work on the time frame you set. Some will set regular working hours of 8am to 5pm. But the beauty is that, asking permission from these clients isn’t a problem. Some don’t bother at all what time you want to work, as long as you’ll be able to deliver and accomplish the task they give you. That is the reason why I often work in coffee shops, parks and other places where I want to go and enjoy a different environment when boredom hits me. This helps me to be more creative and get fresh ideas. Sometimes, I even work in malls (SM) using their free WiFi connection. :)

Beauty #4 – Internet connection is everywhere, even while traveling on a boat.

Yes, you have read it right. There is an internet connection in the middle of the sea (I’ve tested it). When I went to Bohol last 2012, we went island hopping and even visit the so called “Virgin Island”. It’s so wonderful and I wonder, “Could it be possible that there is an internet connection here?”. I took out my handy iPad with 3G connection and whoala! There is an internet connection! Then, the next day we went to Cebu, inside the ferry boat, I tested it again and got a good signal and was able to connect (not WiFi). Just recently, when I visited Davao, going to Samal island, the 3G signal is still strong enough to get me connected with my iPad.

So what am I saying? You can go to different places and connect to the internet, even while in transit.

Beauty #5 – Pays Good Money (if you do it right)

Online Jobs Lifestyle - Pays Good MoneyThis is something that, somehow, many people know about. I am sure you have heard about people who make tons of money using the Internet and would like to know how to do it. But oftentimes, when you do some search online, what pull up are the “make money online opportunities” which in most cases, cause you to lose money than earn them.  The ‘online jobs’ that I’m discussing, in fact, is an entirely different industry.

You can start with a client and get paid a decent regular pay like 10k to 15k. I know you might be thinking, 15k is not that big an amount, especially if you’re living in the Metro.  and I agree with you on that. But who says you should stop with one client? There has been many instances where I got 6 clients and the lowest rate I got from each of them is 16k per month. One even pays 30k a month. You do the math. :)

Beauty #6 – You can help others by extending the work to those people whom you think has the skills to finish the task you have.

You may be thinking on how I was able to handle 6 clients. My answer is simple, teach others to do some of your tasks and pay them the appropriate fee that you think is fair and are willing to accept. I personally did this and this is how my career started flourishing. You can build your team to help you finish all your tasks. But make sure you take care of them. For instance, offer them some surprise merienda, holiday gatherings, dinner, etc. Soon, those whom I’ve trained started their own online jobs career and are also experiencing all the beauty that I’ve mentioned so far. They are now my colleages who I still pass some of my tasks once in while, depending on their skills.

Beauty #7 – Freedom of time & do the things you love.

This last item on the list is close to my heart. The reason is because it allowed me to do the things that I am passionate about. Way back, I was asked to lead a church group but wasn’t able to accept it because of the nature of my previous work. I was a call center agent. Deep in my heart, I wanted to accept the responsibility. Thus, I prayed to God for a way so that I can do it. God is good enough because He used my girlfriend (soon-to-be wife) to introduce me to this career and as they say.. “the rest is history”.

In your case, it could be a sport you’ve been longing to join but don’t have the time, it could be a charitable cause that you want to participate more regularly. You could be a mom or dad who desires to spend more time with your children and loved ones but can’t because of the demands of your work. Friends, there is a way and I am sharing that to you now.

So there you have it, the 7 reasons why I think it’s beautiful to have an Online Jobs Career in the Philippines. For those of you who live outside of the country, this is still doable. Who knows, after you have tried this and experience success, you can decide to finally come home, be with your loved ones and enjoy your online jobs career.

How about you? Tell me what you think and leave your comments below. I would love to hear from you. Don’t forget to Like, Share and Tweet this post to those people whom you think could benefit from it. God bless.

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