Q&A : Current BPO Employee Wants To Do Online Jobs But Don’t Know Where To Start

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Q&A : Current BPO Employee Wants To Do Online Jobs But Don’t Know Where To Start

We are Starting this Portion of our Blog where we will be answering emails and messages sent by our blog readers and followers. On our First post, we have a current BPO/Call Center employee wanting to change career to have more freedom and is thinking of entering the online jobs industry. Read his full message below and my response to his inquiry.

Hi Genesis,

I came accross your site and needless to say I am truly impressed.  Your straight forward blogs and no sugar coating reminds me of who I am.  But sad to say I do not have the luxury of time just like you (or so I thought).  I wanted to get out of this pit hole called “call center”.  You see, I’ve been with this industry for nearly 8 years and 7 of which as a supervisor/team lead. Another sob story of which i’m probably destined to end up with.  But I decided to get out of my “box” and start exploring.  I figured that “freedom” is a choice and I’m choosing that path now.  The only thing is that… I don’t know where to start and I feel like I’m running out of time.  I’m 45 years old, with 8 years of solid background in the BPO industry and tons of passion for blogging and travelling. But I need to start somewhere and I figured I need someone to mentor me on this. I want to enjoy and feel the sun again (I work at night remember?:D) I want to spend my time without worrying of getting to work on time, reporting to a nagging boss and get stressed with my workmates that has nothing else to do but complain. Worst part of it is that I’m still cash strapped.  So I figured I want to this and jump into the ocean butt naked (figuratively).  Enjoy the sun and sand with my family and just have a free time to do the other stuffs that I want. And lastly, I WANT TO GET OUT OF THIS SQUARED CALL CENTER LIFE. (Oh, and did I mention I’m pretty much cash strapped?) So I need your help!

John A. (name changed for his own protection.)


Hi John A,

Thanks for your kind words. I do understand how you feel because I myself came from the BPO industry and worked for year there. It was a wonderful experience indeed but its quite limiting, especially the working days and hours. What I did is I started doing part-time online jobs first while in the still working in BPO. It was not easy since 4 hours plus the typical 10 to 12 hours dedicated for BPO work(including travel time) means less time for sleep.

If you have spare time and really willing to cross over, you can start in this level doing part-time jobs. There is another type of Online Job that is basically more like a sideline where you will only do one-off jobs for people. This is assuming that you already have a skill to offer.. well basically all online jobs requires some level of skills to begin with, you can go either with www.199jobs.com or odesk.com. There you can create an account and do some of the jobs being offered there.

I would like to ask, since you mentioned that you already worked in the team lead level, doing project management is something that you can do properly. Its all about knowing what needs to be achieved and managing the people who must fulfill them. But aside from administrative task and skills, what type of account are you handling? is it more on sales? technical? etc? I am asking because I want to know exactly you are currently doing so that I can recommend the best path for you to take. But basically, the first step that anyone who wants to enter the online jobs industry is to have a clear idea on what skills you can offer, your competencies and the advantage that your potential client will get if they chose to hire you. Having a background in the BPO industry and an excellent communication skills (i presume), you will have a much higher chance over other applicants. Hope my initial answer to your concern helps and I hope to hear from you again with your answers to my question so that we can discuss further and see what is the best option for you. God bless

To Your Success,

Coach Gen

There you have it, our first entry for the Q&A portion of our Blog. May I invite you also to join our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/489564497768994/ and leave your question there as well. This way we can interact more in real time and we can answer your questions much faster. Hope to feature you on our next post in the “Q&A from Readers” section. Don’t forget to LIKE this post and Leave a message or two in our comment section below. God bless!

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