Starting the Year with a Bottle of Gratitude

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Starting the Year with a Bottle of Gratitude

Hi Everyone! How is your New Year going so far? I hope you are getting blessed and opportunities are coming your way. This year, I plan on doing something different. I plan to be more aware on the many blessings and opportunities that come my way. Last year, what I have is a ‘Gratitude Journal’, but it didn’t really work that well for me. It seems like a burden or a task to really try to write something in there. Just imagine you have to fill up a page! I felt that if I didn’t write enough for that day, I didn’t receive enough blessings. So I dumped the idea and looked for a new way of tagging things.

Good thing I saw a post from one of my friends in Facebook about her ‘Blessing’ box where she puts notes of things she was thankful for the past year. She opened it to read back the blessings she had received at the end of the year. That sparked an idea within me and somehow tweaked her concept to fit my needs. Let me now present you, my Gratitude Bottle :)

gratitude-bottlesStarting one is very easy. Below are the things you will need:

a) A clear bottle big enough to contain notes for a year. You can also use smaller bottles and as they fill up, you can get a new one :) Make sure it has a cap or a way to close the top.

b) Small pieces of colored paper. It can be a cartolina that you’ve cut into small pieces or art paper where you write on the white surface and leave the colored area visible when you roll it. You can use a Scotch tape or glue it a little so that the paper won’t unroll itself. If you don’t want to roll it, you can fold it. Just make sure that the message you wrote on these pieces of paper is only a “text-message” long, like around 160 characters or more. Just don’t make it a journal entry. :) If you have so much to be thankful for, then get another piece of paper :)

c) A way to label your bottle. In my case, I found an old sticker that says “Thank You” so I used that to decorate the bottle. Keep it simple but colorful. Just make sure that you can see the pieces of rolled paper inside.

The way this works is that I used a clear bottle big enough to contain short notes that I put in there. These are just short notes that is written in different colored papers so that it will look nice when you look at it. I intend the bottle to be clear and the paper colorful because my goal is to have this bottle visible in my desk to remind me that I have received blessings in the past and for me to easily add new notes in there whenever I received and experienced blessings, small or big, from people, situations and circumstances.

So whenever you feel like you are going through a hard time, discouragements and seems like things are not going to get better, you can just look at your Gratitude bottle and you will see that you are blessed and are continuously being blessed.

I’dl like to add that the goal here is to make sure that you try to put at least 1 to 2 notes of gratitude in your bottle everyday. This will make you realize and be aware of the blessings you are receiving. Furthermore, don’t set a high criteria to determine if something is a blessing or not. Even safely coming home from a day’s work is already a blessing. You just don’t know how many people get hurt everyday through accidents, crimes and mistakes.

I believe that true success can be achieved by being able to give thanks on small things. By being aware of all the blessings that you are receiving everyday, you will be more happier and you can say to yourself, “I am still blessed after all”. :) Just to let you know, doors of blessings and opportunities are opening up to me since I started this activity 2 weeks ago. :)

What do you think guys? Is this something that you can do as well? If so, I invite you to go and look for your bottle and cut pieces of paper, even if it’s not colored. What’s important is that you get started. Tell me how this works for you ok? Don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE this to your family and friends. This might be the one activity that could open doors of blessings and opportunities in their lives. God bless!

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