The Face of Freelancers: Why It’s Important to Take Care of Your Appearance

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The Face of Freelancers: Why It’s Important to Take Care of Your Appearance

Online Freelancers are known to be working from home but serving clients all over the world. For most people, that also meant no pressure as to what you have to wear, if you have fixed your hair or even brushed your teeth. These things aren't a requirement to deliver the services they offer to their respective clients. Thus, some freelancers take for granted proper grooming and hygiene. 

Typically, whenever freelancers get interviewed by their prospective clients, they were asked to turn on their web cams so that the client can see their face. But did you know that such virtual face-to-face interview can make or break your chance of getting hired? No matter how competent you are, if your overall appearance and deameanor don't exude professionalism, you are decreasing your chances of getting hired. That's right! So to help you in making sure that you look great and professional as a freelancer, here are some tips you may want to consider:


dressforworkAs I've mentioned at the start of this article, freelancers aren't really required to dress-up when working because they don't have to leave home. And this is fine. However, it would be very helpful if you can dress up for work even if you'll just stay at home. The reason for this is that dressing up for work puts yourself in the right mindset that even though you are simply working from home, you'll be reminded that your work should be treated professionally. It doesn't mean that you should wear a suit and tie or long sleeves. What I am saying is: dress for work and don't work in your pajamas. Make sure your clothes project professionalism and good grooming. Here's a question you can ask yourself to check if what you're wearing is fit for work: "Will I wear this shirt if I am to meet someone for a casual business meeting?". If your answer is 'yes', then what you're in is professional enough that if your client requests for a video conference call, you are all set and ready to face him/her on cam. 


smile and hairSince chances are, you will be interviewed by your potential client through a web cam, it is important that you fix your appearance as well. Make sure you fix your hair as this will make you look untidy and will give the impression that you wont't be able to take care of your client. If you can't even give time and attention in fixing your hair, then how can the client expect that you will be able to give proper attention to the work he assigned to you and his business. In addition to that, wear your smile. I've actually talked to a couple of clients whom I've helped find their own virtual assistants and asked them if their VAs hair and smile matters. Eight out of ten said that the hair is not that important although it's good to see a groomed VA. And 10 out of 10 clients said that they want their VA to be smiling because it shows a positive outlook that will surely reflect on their work. So, start fixing your hair and flash those smile. :) 


facewashNow, this is something that many freelancers are guilty of. It has been one of those many jokes among freelancers. Some say that there are times when they haven't taken a bath for 48 hours and others, even 72 hours. And they're proud of it! :) Although it may sound funny, we all know that this is not good for your well-being. It is always best to take a bath everyday, change fresh clothes, brush your teeth (yes, some freelancers forget to do this) and wash your face. I can't stress enough the importance of washing your face because if you neglect proper hygiene, chances are you will get pimples, black heads and white heads. Well, even if you do practice proper hygiene, you can't fully prevent pimples from coming out. Agree?

I have to admit, my face isn't at all perfect and I get pimples all the time. I remember one time during one of my client consultation calls where my client noticed a big red pimple on my cheek. She asked me if I am okay because he find it to be a bit distracting and asked if I needed some help in having it checked. That's it. From then on, I decided to do something with my face as this is what my client sees. Not only that, that's what people see whenever I give talks, seminars and workshops. 

Recently, I was invited by a friend of mine to visit Dra. Kyla Talens, an aesthetic dermatologist of "Skin Philosophie Medical Aesthetic and Lifestyle Solutions" located at the 3rd Level of "The Fort Strip" in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) Taguig. I am a bit hesitant to visit a dermatologist since I am a guy, but I remembered the experience I had with my client I told you about, and decided to go for it. What I heard from most people is that facials are painful and can leave initial dark spots after a session. To my surprise, after the session, I can not a single spot. I didn't feel any pain too. It's so relaxing that I almost fall asleep. So guys and gals, even if you are a freelancer and spend most of your time working from home, having a presentable face and having a great hygiene will do you more good than harm. Anyway, who would like to look ugly, right? :) 

P.S. I've created another blog post regarding my actual experience with the facial session I received from "Skin Philosophie Medical Aesthetic and Lifestyle Solutions". I am giving away a gift certificate for 1 FREE session of "Windsor Clarifying Skin Polish" valued at 1,500 pesos. You may want to check out that post by clicking HEREUntil next time and don't forget to LIKE and SHARE this post to you family and friends. God bless!

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