The First Of Many At The 4th E-Commerce Summit 2013

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The First Of Many At The 4th E-Commerce Summit 2013

Last Feb 22, 2013, I got the opportunity to attend and speak at the 4th E-commerce Summit held at the MK Tan Hall, Bayanihan Center of the UNILAB compound in Pasig City, Philippines. It's an intensive 1-day learning event where industry experts and e-commerce practitioners share their knowledge and experiences.

The day started late because it had been raining the whole morning and many of the guests are not there yet. However, the waiting was all worth it because what followed is a series of very enligthening, thought-provoking & knowledge-filled talks from the speakers who are industry experts and e-commerce practitioners. What struck me the most are the ideas presented by each of them.

I was also lucky to be the 2nd to the last speaker because I get the chance to listen to each of these great and pioneering minds in the e-commerce industry. Truly inspiring. I also got the chance to meet great and wonderful people in the event. You can watch the short video clip that we've took during the early part of my talk.

Here's what I've shared during my talk:

a) My Humble Beginnings

I've shared to the audience how I've started doing online jobs, coming from 2 outstanding industries (Call Center & I.T.) but decided to take the path less taken, which is to work from home and do online jobs. I've showed them further how my path led me to great clients and was able to buld a team of VAs who are now working and are successful on their online jobs career.

b) State of the Online Jobs Industry

In addition, I've shared how the online jobs industry kept on growing despite the global economic meltdown of some 1st world countries. In fact, there has been an upward trend in the amount of jobs being posted, the amount of clients/employers looking for virtual workers and an increase number of online jobs professional wanna-be's. One great fact that I was able to gather from is that 56% of all the business owners they've surveyed says they believe that by 2017, more than 50% of their workforce will be virtual workers. The potential is indeed great. :)

c) Why They Should Hire Online Filipino Professionals

I've highlighted 3 reasons why they should hire an Online Filipino professional. First, the benefit of lower cost or expense on their end. There are no compulsory  benefits to be granted to their online worker as they shouldn't be regarded as employees. They are basically contractors or self-employed who work on a project, whether in an on-going basis or a project-based. Another reason is that most online workers are productive because of the knowledge that if they don't work, they don't get paid. As opposed to hiring an employee, there are certain periods of time that an employee offers low productivity, asks for sick leaves, etc. Third reason is that there as a client, you hire for skill. Thus, initial trainings aren't necessary. Generally, you hire VAs on what they can do right away and not what you will train the employee with.

d) Things They Need To Know If They Want To Do Online Jobs.

Lastly, I talked about the 3 things that online jobs professionals wanna-be's must know. The first is "Online Jobs is all about positioning". That is true. No matter how good you are, how great are your skills, if you don't know how to position yourself, that will put you above the others, then you will have a hard time finding a good job online and great clients. "Online jobs requires continuous updating and learning". This is a profound truth. Everyday, there are new things that are being developed and release, new way of doing things and many more. If you want to be competitive in the online jobs industry and get a good pay, you must always study. The last and, I think, the most critical point that I've shared is the fact that "Online jobs requires a good time management skills & discipline". These two things can make or break your career. If you don't know how to manage your time, you won't be able to do your job and soon, your client will leave you. But even if you know how to manage your time, but you don't have self-discipline, sooner or later, your time management system will fail and you know what follows.

It's more or less a 20-minute talk. I am glad that many people liked my presentation and hopefully, I could do more of such talks so that I can share what I know to as many people I can reach, especially, to you guys. There is indeed a good potential in this career, you just have to stick to it and have someone to guide and help you. I also encourage you to attend learning events like this as you will meet people that can collaborate with you. Who knows, I could meet you as well in one of those events. Don't hessistate to approach me if you see me, ok?

Do you have a question? Do you want to add something in the discussion? Feel free to leave your comments below. I would also appreciate it a lot if you can click the Google +1 button below and the LIKE button. Doing so will get you notified of the latest blog post that I have released in Facebook. Till next time. God bless you always.

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