Why You Should Check Out The Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Training Program

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Why You Should Check Out The Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Training Program

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year! I hope the year is starting great and well for all of you! In this blog post, allow me to be a little nostalgic as I recall the events that transpired on the same month last year, January 2013.

Many of you probably didn’t know that this blog you are reading is just a year old (as of Jan 2014). The same month last year, I also took a leap of faith and decided to enroll myself to a specialized training program that will help me out in building my career and business. The training is called “Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur” Program headed by Ms. Janette Toral of DigitalFilipino.com

As I look back, it simply amazes me how this training have really changed my career and life as whole. Through the trainings and guidance that I’ve received, I was able to launch my blog with full speed. I was given opportunities to speak in different events and seminars and got invited by different schools in different parts of the country to share with them my knowledge and experience about doing online jobs, increase my network and friends and many more. In fact, as the training program ends, our humble blog was cited as one of the emerging influential blogs of 2013. What a way¬† to end a life-changing training program! What ever success that I have achieved right now, I attribute it to our God Almighty and from the guidance and mentorship I received from this certification program which has been running for 5 years now.


I strongly believe that opportunity abounds around us. It’s just a matter of being ready when it comes knocking at our door. Seeing what happened and transpired to the lives and career of past graduates of this program inspired me to push forward. Just imagine the following different ways you can earn from what you have learned:

a) Setup your own blog or website and earn money from it.
b) Setup and manage blogs for businesses and get paid for it.
c) Offer social media services to professionals and businesses.

In fact, there are many other ways you can earn and apply what you have learned in the program. The only limit is your imagination and determination. See the chart below for other ways you can pursue from what you’ll learn in this program.

Probably you might be wondering if this is for you or not. Well, if you are someone who aspires to establish your own “personality” online, use the skills and experiences you will have in providing services to businesses and professionals or even support your advocacies, then this program is for you.


Hands down, I can say that this program changes lives to the better and brings the students closer to their goals, as long as they are clear where they want to go. The past students and graduates can attest to that. They are now in a much better standing compared when they were just starting out.

One unique thing about this training program is that each stages/modules requires a live project that must be completed and passed by the student. Failure to complete and pass this will mean they won’t get certified. Just imagine, having 3 real projects completed with flying colors to be placed in your portfolio for everyone to see. For me, that is priceless.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees the value that this program brings. They look at the price right away and decide not to push through. But I do understand them because Php 25,000 for the whole program is indeed expensive! However, know that there is a per module option to make the payment lighter for those who are decided to change their lives and career through this training program.

So, if you also wish to make this year an extraordinary year for you and your career, I encourage you to join this training program. If you have any questions or concerns about this certification, you can send your private message at http://facebook/digientrepreneur or through Twitter by following http://twitter.com/digitalfilipino.

You may be asking, “So you are promoting and endorsing this program, right?”. My answer is a BIG YES, not because I will earn something out of it if you will join (which I wouldn’t). It is simply because I also desire that you experience the same or even greater success that I have achieved so far. My desire is for your success. Now that I have stated my case, the choice is yours :) and my hope is that you choose the right one. If ever you enroll to the program, do not forget to notify me so that I can assist you the best that I can :) Until next time, keep dreaming, keep praying, have faith and be happy! God bless!

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