5 Qualities You Need To Be Successful While Working From Home

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5 Qualities You Need To Be Successful While Working From Home

As I have promised yesterday, I will share with you the qualities, I believe, you need to have if you want to succeed in your online job career. But know that these are just based on my experience and shouldn’t refrain you from trying different approaches.

Quality #1 – Organization

You need to be organized when you want to venture in this career. Why? Because you will be handling different tasks, files, instructions and information from your clients. If you don’t have a way of organizing all these, you will end up having grave disservice to your clients. This could also be a source of stress and inefficiency on your end that could lead to you losing your job.

Yes, I was able to experience this. Being in such situation caused me a huge amount of stress, to the point that the client wants to let me go. I asked for another chance and told him that I am just starting out and will do my best to get organized and be more efficient. My key advice is to learn how to sort and organize information, files, and login details. You can make use of different resources such as notepad, spreadsheets or folders on your computer that you think will help you get organized and more efficient.

Quality #2 – Self Motivation

This one is very important in my opinion. I often ask those who want to venture into this career to share with me their dream. The reason why I do this is because not knowing your dream, or worse, not having a dream or aspiration will end your online jobs career early. Technically, you are your own boss because you don’t report to anyone aside from your client who is miles or countries away.

This is an on-going battle for me because there are times when I don’t feel like working as I am tired due to some activities I did the other day. This could be an advantage, you may say, but if it’s a working day, you cant simply decide not to work, unless you tell and ask permission from your clients. This is when you need to be reminded of your purpose or dream. Being reminded of why are you doing what you are doing will help you get out of the bed and do what must be done. You must also have that certain passion on what you do. Without it, everything will be a drag.

Quality #3 – Relevant Work Experience

The concept of this is very simple. You can’t offer a service that you don’t have knowledge or experience with. For example, if you will apply as  Social Media manager, you should have experience on how to manage social media accounts or if you want to apply as a writer, at least have some sample works available on your hard drive or better yet, published on a standard blog. In my future post, I’ll teach you how to create a beginner’s profile site or blog so that you have something to show to your potential clients as a portfolio.

Quality #4 – High Ethics and Integrity

High work ethics and online integrity is essential. There is a great temptation not to work during hours of work and even think of postponing a task considering your client can be understanding and patient. I’ve heard stories from clients that I’ve talked to about being traumatized because their virtual assistant left them hanging on many tasks and simply bailed out.  You should know that you are not only damaging your career, but also affect the image of Filipino online professionals who are doing it right and the industry as a whole.

Be professional and honest. If you think you can’t work with the client anymore, inform them, but give a few weeks  or even a month notice to give them enough time to find someone to replace you. Just be honest and communicate. Your client will appreciate that a lot.

Quality #5 – Task Orientation and Initiative

Clients often complain about that some of their freelancer don’t have the initiative of completing the task assigned. They kept on asking what to do next, when generally they should and are expected to know what to do. :) Thus, if you are hired for a specific type of job, make sure you know what you need to do and take initiative to finish. Your client will surely appreciate it. Who knows, you might get a bonus or two. :)

There are many other characteristics you need to have when working with anyone, whether it be online or offline. Just remember to be honest, be professional and be hardworking. The rest will follow. Tomorrow, I will share with you about the common terms used to call those who work from home through the web; the term “Virtual Assistant”. As always, feel free to like, retweet and share this post. You might be helping others in the process. Until next time. Stay safe and God bless.

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